Community Table

Arizona Jewish Historical Society Kicks Off Community Table 

The goal of Community Table is to bring individuals together in a social environment where people within the Valley can get to know one another over good, old-fashioned conversation while sharing a meal inside a historic space that is central to all neighboring communities.

Sunday night Community Table next dates are June 24 and July 22
Dinners begin at 6:30 p.m.
Reservation Required
Register Now for June 24 

Reservations are required by the Wednesday before the dinner.

All dinners are $26 

Kosher, Vegetarian and Vegan options available.

To register and reserve your seat(s), email

*minimum participation is required

Sharing a meal can be the kosher salt of a community. It seasons relationships and is a vehicle to preserve the community’s values and memory.   It is with this sentiment, that the AZJHS feels there is no better place than the Cutler Plotkin Center, a historic building, to host shared meals over a Community Table.

During the first part of the dinner, people will have the opportunity to tell stories to others, share new ideas, and brainstorm the “Community Table Question.” Questions will be socially engaging, non-politically oriented.

Sharing meals is an age-old tradition, but perhaps if viewed as a tool; it can revive the lack of spirit and togetherness in homes, neighborhoods, and within the Valley-wide Jewish population.

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